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Birgit and Hellmuth Hertz' Foundation - Medicine

The application form will become available approximately two months before the application deadline.

Once annually

Please read first “Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society”

Financial resources for this Post-doctoral stipend, from the Birgit and Hellmuth Hertz Foundation, are granted at the discretion of the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund. The goal is to allow younger researchers the possibility to renew their research by the award of a project grant over two to three years. The project must include a longer research visit (6-12 months) at a well-respected foreign university (or equivalent) outside the Nordic region followed by research within the same project at the home university (18-24 months). Grants are open to applicants whose doctoral degree was conferred not more than 10 years prior to the final application date (parental leave excluded) at a Swedish university or institute of advanced technology within the fields of Science, Medicine or Engineering. The grant covers the costs of a single salary (for the applicant or, for example, a postdoctoral fellow) and running costs of up to a maximum of 100,000 kr per year. These running costs are expected to cover the extra costs associated with the foreign research visit as well as those at the home university. An overhead of no more than 15% will be permitted.

The application (in Swedish or English) shall include: (1) a research program (maximum 5 A4-pages) with a three-year budget that includes information on other grants held by the applicant, (2) a curriculum vitae that includes the date of conferral of the doctoral degree, (3) a publication list, (4) a letter from the foreign host institution that includes a guarantee that the applicant will be accepted at the institution as well as a statement concerning the value of the proposed research, (5) a letter from the head of the home institution (e.g. the Prefekt) that includes information about the applicant’s current position and a guarantee that the applicant will be accepted upon return from overseas, or will retain their current position while overseas. 

Applications must be registered no later than 25th of September. The application forms available on our web pages must be used. Please note that the applicant must have completed his/her doctoral degree prior to the date of this application. 

Following the Endowment’s decision each November, and after a requisition for funds is made to the email address below, a yearly payment of the grant will to made to the home institution (appointed responsible for managing funds).

The grant can only be used for the purposes stated in the original application. The fund manager makes a requisition for funds once per year that includes details of the contact person (with contact details) and the bank and account information necessary for payment.  This information must be sent to kansli@fysiografen.se. If no other information is provided, it will be assumed that the project leader has the right to attest payments made using the grant. Requisitions must be made each November in order that payment of the grant to the home institution can be completed prior to the end of the year.
After the research period is terminated, the recipient of the stipend must hand in a concise report describing his/her research results, as well as their experiences abroad.
Further information is available from the Secretary of the Foundation, address: Stortorget 6, 22223 Lund, e-mail: kansli@fysiografen.se, tel: + 46 (0)46 13 25 28, fax: +46 (0)46 13 19 44.