The work report

Work report form (118.7 KB)

Within two years of the date of application, the recipient shall send in to the Society a concise, signed report on the scientific work carried out and financed by the grant, as well as a financial account (the form to be used is found above) in which clear and detailed information is given on the use to which the resources received were put, according to “The Rules Governing the Endowments of the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund”. This can be done either by mail or via email to
The Society will not take upon itself the interpretation of complicated computerized accounts of financial transactions made in conjunction with the resources received. A short scientific report must be written in the form itselt as well as the short economic report. If the space is not enough you can write “See enclosure”. The economic report has to be verified.

In the case of travel costs received, to partake at conferences and symposia, for which active participation is required, a copy of the abstract of the lecture given or the poster shown must be included in the report. The Society would appreciate that its financial support for the research is mentioned in the acknowledgements. (The Royal Physiographic Society in Lund ).

The Report on the Work Financed by the Grant (the Work Report) must also be approved and signed by the Inspector Stipendii, who is a member of the Society and, in most cases, has been named in the notification of the reception of the grant. The recipient of the grant should send to his Inspector Stipendii his work report, with which he should send also his application for the grant as well as the receipts and dockets for financial outlays in conjunction with his work. This facilitates the work of verification by the Inspector Stipendii. When the work report has been approved and signed by the Inspector, the recipient must send the report together with verified economic verification (i.e. transaction list, invoice etc)) to the Society´s secretariat. An approved work report is a prerequisite before a further grant can be applied for. NOTE! The "Two-year rule" applies! Grants received last year and not completed, do not need to be reported if you intend to apply this year.

Important: To make it easier for the Society and for our Inspectors during the hectic application period in autumn, we request that those applicants needing to submit a work report make contact with their Inspectors well in advance of the application deadline in September. 

N.B. Your requisition for the payment of the money granted should be sent in separately, not together with your work report.