Welcome to the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund

The Society celebrates its 250th anniversary this year

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The society’s first insignia was created in 1773. The current insignia consists of a laurel wreath, surmounted with a crown holding a lion representing the animal kingdom, a mountain the forms of the Earth, a tree the plant kingdom and an asklepian medici

Since the word “physiography”, which was in common use at the time of the Society’s founding in 1772, no longer belongs to our common vocabulary, the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund has for a number of years also used the secondary title “Academy for the Natural Sciences, Medicine and Technology”. The charter of the Society is to promote scientific endeavour in all of these disciplines. 

On the following pages the current organisation of the Society is presented, and a short history of the Society can be found under the tab About us. The various endowments and foundations from which funding can be sought for research and travel can be found under the tab Grants and Stipends. Please take note of the specific regulations that apply to each. Read our general rules carefully 

Information about the various medals and prizes awarded by the Society can be found under the tab Medals and Prizes.

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