Grant for associate senior lecturers (BUL)

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Once per year

The grant and budget

A maximum of two two-year grants are awarded and the awarded amount is SEK 750,000/year for each grant. No special budget is needed, and the grant can be used freely for all costs occurring in the project (e.g. equipment, operation, personnel costs and scholarships). However, the grant may not be used for the applicant's own salary. Indirect costs are allowed on personnel and operating costs with a maximum of 35%. Cost for premises (rent) is counted as an indirect cost. Indirect costs may not be applied to equipment and scholarships. 

The applicant

Eligible to apply are associate senior lecturers (BULs) in natural sciences, engineering and medicine at institutions for higher education in the province of Skåne. The applicant must have started her or his employment at least two and at the most four years before the application deadline. 

The application and selection

The application is made in the application portal with an application deadline of 25 September (same as the Donations for natural sciences, medicine and technology, NMT). When assessing the applications, the main emphasis is placed on the scientific quality and how the grant can effectively contribute to the applicant’s ability to develop a successful, independent research programme. The project description is important for the assessment of the scientific quality and must show that the applicant can be expected to run an innovative research program with a clear independent focus. The application must contain:

  • Project description (max. 15,000 characters including spaces, or max. 5 pages if the application contains images/figures)
  • The applicant's CV (max. 2 pages). For assessment of independence, it is important that former doctoral supervisors, postdoc mentors etc. are named.
  • The applicant's publication list (max. 5 pages)
  • Other funding (specify funder, project title, amount, duration, main applicant). Grants applied for and university funding for running costs, doctoral students, post-docs etc. must also be stated.

The application is initially assessed by subject specific panels and it is of importance that the applicant selects the correct subject in the application form


The board of the Royal Physiographic Society makes the final decision in November after suggestion by the panel.


An Inspector Stipendii will be appointed to every successful application. The task of the Inspector is to review the Work Report.

A requisition for the awarded funds must be made no later than one year from the date of the award. It is the applicant’s own responsibility to correctly make a requisition for the awarded funds.

Unless otherwise agreed, the awarded funds are to be administered by the host institution according to the laws and regulations governing financial administration at the university in question.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a Work Report no later than two years after the project time. The applicants will be unable to apply for further funds from the Physiographic Society until their Work Report has been submitted.