The Jan Löfqvist Endowment

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Once annually

Please first read “Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society”

Grants are intended for the support of research in the field of zoology in the broadest sense, including chemical ecology, which was Jan Löfqvists field of research. Grants, both large and small, may therefore be sought for well-defined projects within the field of zoology. The grants may also cover outlays for guest researchers who are expected to provide the Swedish research community with knowledge and competence within the subject area. The financial support is meant primarily for short visits for research, consultation, lectures and seminars, particularly if they are to take place at several institutions. The costs that can be covered can include remunerations, travel costs (both domestic and foreign) and living expenses in Sweden. Specific research expenses are not covered by grants for guest researchers. The application should preferably be made by a researcher who leads an active Swedish research group. The award will be paid in the form of a stipend. In the case of several applicants of similar merit, priority will be given to those who intend to actively work at a university in southern Sweden.

A research programme (1-2 A4 pages) shall be included with the application, as well as a short curriculum vitae. Please note the information on publications provided under the heading “Advice for Making Applications”. An application for a research grant must include a clear specification of its intended use. Funds can be awarded for materials, laboratory animals, etc., which can be characterised as running costs, but they must be plainly specified. Applications lacking a clear specification for the requested funds will not be considered.

Applications must be registered no later than 25th of September. No stipends will be awarded to applicants who have not handed in the Final Report on work financed by grants previously received from the Society. NOTE! The "Two-year rule" applies! Grants received last year and not completed, do not need to be reported if you intend to apply this year.

The application forms available on our web pages must be used.