The Guest Lecturer Fund

Only board members of the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund are allowed to apply for this grant.

Throughout the year

Stipends are only awarded to the Society's Swedish Fellows, and these are the only applicants with the right to apply. Applications should be for costs associated with the invitation of a guest foreign lecturer to Lund (e.g. hotel costs, costs of meals etc.). The fund only has a limited ability to cover the costs of travel, and then only for shorter journeys. Applications for honoraria are not permitted. Note: for funds awarded for conferences or lecture series, the Royal Physiographic Society wishes that it's involvement is acknowledged, either as a printed acknowledgement in the program and on the posters, or by announcing it orally. Applications must be registered prior to the arrival of the invited lecturer and can be submitted at any time during the academic year. Applications are assessed by the Society's Permanent Secretary and Treasurer who aims to award funds evenly over all disciplines represented by the Society. Applications must be made using the application form found at the link above.