Young Researchers - PhD Students

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Four times per year

Please first read “Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society”

These travel stipends are financed by the Young Researchers Travel Fund. The Society awards stipends twice during the spring term and twice during the autumn term. These stipends are for young PhD researchers in the fields of Natural Science, Medicine and Technology, who either have a postgraduate position or have been accepted for postgraduate studies at the University of Lund or at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) at Alnarp (the Faculties of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and Crop Production Science), and who intend to participate at a symposium or conference, make a study visit at another research institute, carry out field work of short duration, or undertake a trip for an equivalent purpose. The application must include a clear specification of the purpose of the trip, and of the type of work that is to be done. Travel (field and study visits to learn something new which does not exist in Lund) is prioritised, and one must describe the new method or technique that does not exist in Lund. Relatively extended study visits, longer periods of fieldwork or research stays are to be applied for in September from the appropriate fund, e.g. NMT, Nilsson-Ehle or Gyllenberg. Grants are not given to participate in courses, or retroactively for travel already undertaken. Conferences in the Nordic countries must be international. A claim for daily allowance during travel can be made if the sum is reasonable, and this must only cover living costs (such as meals) while travelling.

As an indication of the level of progress in their postgraduate education, an absolute requirement for postgraduates is that one piece of work must have been published, or accepted for publication, in a reputable scientific journal. A prerequisite for a stipend awarded to participate in a scientific meeting is that the applicant actively participates, either by giving a lecture or by participating in a poster session. The abstract of the accepted contribution must be included in the application and information about any other financial support must also be given. All boxes in the application form must be filled in.  Application forms that are not completely filled in will not be considered. Applications by postgraduates must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. This is of great importance for the evaluation of the application. This letter of recommendation must be signed by the student´s main supervisor, and must also give a clear evaluation of the pace at which the doctoral work is progressing and indicate whether the applicant is beginning his/her doctoral work or is approaching the end of their studies. The letter of recommendation is further required to give an evaluation of the applicant. In the case of several applicants with the same supervisor, the supervisor must submit a separate ranking stating which applicant should be given priority. The applicant should print out a copy of these instructions and the “Memorandum for Supervisors for research students”, and give these, together with their application, to their supervisor. Our work of appraising the application is greatly aided if the letter of recommendation is written in Swedish.

The application should be accompanied by a research programme (at most 1-2 A4 pages) with a clear specification of what the project will, or may, lead to. In order to simplify the evaluation, the research programme should be written in Swedish (although this is not a strict requirement). Further requirements are: a short curriculum vitae (CV), and a list of publications (each of which names all authors and includes the title of the paper, the title of the journal, the volume and the page numbers). In the application the following must be specified: the destination of the trip and its aim, the costs of travel, of accommodation, of the conference fees and, where applicable, any other relevant costs. Please note the information on publications under the heading “Advice on Making Applications”. Stipends and grants previously received from the Society must be clearly specified in the application (research grants, travel grants, type of fund, amount, date received). In the case that the application is to cover only part of the costs, the total resources received from other sources must also be given. Application are not prioritized if travel grants have been granted in the last 13 months. Overhead costs are not granted. Information must also be given concerning other sources of funds that are being sought, and whether financial assistance from other sources has already been obtained. For travel to conferences, the Society has the following schablon:

For travel within Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, no more than 15,000 SEK
For travel to North and South America, no more than 20,000 SEK
For travel to the rest of the world, no more than 25,000 SEK

Please click here for information on current application dates/deadlines. Please note: The applications are evaluated during the 14 days following the application date, after which the outcome is communicated by e-mail. The trip can therefore not be undertaken for at least 2 weeks after the date of the application. Please see information under the heading “Final Application Dates” in the “Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society”. If a final work report from a stipend or grant previously received from the Society has been completed, this should be sent in separately, and must not be sent together with the present application. No stipends will be awarded to applicants who have not handed in the Final Report on work financed by grants previously received from the Society. The application forms available on our web pages must be used.