Henry and Gerda Dunker's Endowment

Only board members of the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund are allowed to apply for this grant.

Three times per year

Read the Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society first!

Stipends are only awarded to the Society's Swedish Fellows, or to the Society's Foreign Fellows working in Sweden. Stipends are intended to cover the travel costs of a Fellow's participation in a scientific conference or symposium, or for scientific studies or field work abroad. Stipends are not awarded for nearby travel destinations in the Nordic countries, nor for travel made prior to the application. Applications for funds from the endowment can be made three times per year, with the following application deadlines: March 28th September 26th and November 29th.. The application remains valid for one year following the date of decision. Applications must be registered using the application form found at the link above. A Final Report must be sent separately. Awards will not be made to Fellows who have not submitted a Report for earlier journeys funded by the Endowment. Such a report consists of description of the trip that was undertaken and a simple financial summary of how the funds were used.