The Stig Borglin Endowment for study visits

The application form will become available approximately two months before the application deadline.

Every third year. Next time is 2021.

Please first read “Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society”

The Stig Borglin Endowment supports postgraduate students from LTH and KTH that are enrolled in the fields of Thermal Power Engineering or Efficient Energy Systems. Stipends are awarded to partly or entirely cover the costs for domestic or foreign study trips to companies and institutions with recognized activities that encompass thermal power engineering or efficient energy systems. Since stipends are intended for the promotion of continuing studies within these subject areas, applicants are required to show that they have the knowledge and experience that is required for fulfilling the purpose of the research trip.

All boxes in the application form must be filled in. Application forms that are not completely filled in will not be considered. Applications by postgraduates must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. This is of great importance for the evaluation of the application. This letter of recommendation must be signed by the student´s main supervisor, and must also give a clear evaluation of the pace at which the doctoral work is progressing and indicate whether the applicant is beginning his/her doctoral work or is approaching the end of their studies. The letter of recommendation is further required to give an evaluation of the applicant. 

The application should be accompanied by a research programme (at most 1-2 A4 pages) with a clear specification of what the project will, or may, lead to. In order to simplify the evaluation, the research programme should be written in Swedish (although this is not a strict requirement). Further requirements are: a short curriculum vitae (CV), and a list of publications (each of which names all authors and includes the title of the paper, the title of the journal, the volume and the page numbers). In the application the following must be specified: the destination of the trip and its aim, the costs of travel, of accommodation, of the conference fees and, where applicable, any other relevant costs. Please note the information on publications under the heading “Advice on Making Applications”. Stipends and grants previously received from the Society must be clearly specified in the application (research grants, travel grants, type of fund, amount, date received). In the case that the application is to cover only part of the costs, the total resources received from other sources must also be given. Overhead costs are not granted. Information must also be given concerning other sources of funds that are being sought, and whether financial assistance from other sources has already been obtained. 

The application must be registered no later than September 28th, 2025. If a final work report from a stipend or grant previously received from the Society has been completed, this should be sent in separately. No stipends will be awarded to applicants who have not handed in the Final Report on work financed by grants previously received from the Society. 
The application forms available on our web pages must be used.