The Fund of theTorsten and Fanny Brodén Foundation

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Every third year. Next time is 2019.

Please first read “Rules Governing the Endowments of the Society”

The Fund of the Torsten and Fanny Brodén Foundation is intended Ph.D. students in Mathematics at the University of Lund. Otherwise, grants are awarded as specified under the heading “Grants - Research Grants”.
Applications from must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the supervisor that provides information on the pace at which the work is progressing. This letter of recommendation should also give an evaluation of the applicant, and must be signed personally by the supervisor.

A research programme (1-2 A4 pages) shall be included with the application, as well as a short curriculum vitae. Please note the information on publications provided under the heading “Advice for Making Applications”. An application for a research grant must include a clear specification of its intended use. Funds can be awarded for materials, laboratory animals, etc., which can be characterised as running costs, but they must be plainly specified. Applications lacking a clear specification for the requested funds will not be considered.

Applications must be registered no later than 26th of September, 2024. No stipends will be awarded to applicants who have not handed in the Final Report on work financed by grants previously received from the Society. NOTE! The "Two-year rule" applies! Grants received last year and not completed, do not need to be reported if you intend to apply this year.

The application forms available on our web pages must be used.