Rules governing grants received

Financial support received via your signed requisition shall be cashed within 1 year of the date of its being granted.

Grants which are not cashed within one year of being granted are considered lapsed and are returned to the endowments.

Funds which are not used must be returned to the Society by payment via a postal- or bank-giro service.

Instruments, apparatus, sample collections etc., which were purchased with the funds provided by the Society are the responsibility of the recipient of the grant, who is also required to manage, service and be in charge of the upkeep of this equipment. After the research is concluded, or at the latest when the researcher leaves the university, this equipment (etc.) becomes the property of the department at which the research was carried out.

In the case that the recipient of the grant wishes to use the money for a different purpose than he stipulated in his application, he is required to request permission from the Society to make this change. This request must be supported in writing by his Inspector Stipendii.

A work report, approved and signed by the inspector stipenddi, shall be sent in to the Society within two years of the application date. Read more under